Wet Wipes

PER OXI 0.5 - Surface disinfectant wipe

Surface disinfectant wipe active against bacteria and viruses.

Code: A406
Quantity: 60 wipes

ALX – Hand sanitizing wipes

Hand sanitizing cleansing wipe tested against bacteria and viruses.
WHO formula 80% (v / v) Alcohol.

Code: A354

Code: A405 with cap 

Quantity: 50 wipes

ALX - Hygienizer wipes

Disposable wipe pre-impregnated with 70% alcohol solution

Code: A764
Quantity: 20 wipes

Code: A386
Quantity: 60 wipes

ALX - Hand hygienizer wipes

Disposable pre-impregnated hand sanitizer active against bacteria and viruses, based on 80% alcohol

Code: A360 Case
Quantity: 10 monodoses

Codice: A356
Quantity: 100 monodoses

DDX - Hygienizer wipes

Sanitizing wipe for surfaces with Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC)

Code: A351

Quantity: 20 wipes
Dimensions: 19x22cm+/- 5%

DDX - Surface hygienizer wipes

Sanitizing wipe for surfaces in single-dose sachet with Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC)

Code: A357

Quantity: 100pcs monodoses

PER OXI 0.5 – Floor hygienizer wipes

Surface sanitizing wipe with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide.

Code: A392

Quantity: 20 wipes

PER OXI 0.5 - Surface hygienizer wipes

Surface sanitizing wipe with 0.5% hydrogen peroxide.

Code: A391
Quantità: 20 wipes

Code: A406
Quantità: 60 wipes