Q5 - Practical system for washing floors

Handle with built-in half-liter tank, top opening for refilling and button for dispensing the liquid.
By pressing the button on the knob, the water comes out of the 3 nozzles at the base which are directed towards the operator; then with a backward S-shaped movement the washing is carried out. The autonomy of a refill ranges from 70 to 100 square meters, depending on the porosity of the floor and the amount of dirt to be removed.

The system includes:

Zeus Flat Mop
1 pc – mop in new generation polyactive fibers for washing floors of all kinds

Handle with integrated 500 ml tank can also be used with floor weteipes.

aluminum frame with velcro 40cm

Aluminum frame 40 - Tool for cloth and wet wipes

Universal Attack


Aluminum handle - Handle

Handle Anodized aluminum with hole + thread suitable for both brooms, mop pliers and frame

Code: 963

Telescope handle - Handle

140 cm (70 x 2) telescopic painted metal handle with Hole + Thread system. It can be used mainly for the GLASS KIT to reach heights up to 3.5 meters, but also for brooms and Mops if the versatility of the extendable handle is necessary.

Code: 358

Octagonal handle - Handle

Non-slip octagonal handle with hole + ergonomic thread suitable for brooms, mop pliers and frame.

Code: 029 Yellow / 030 Blue / 044 Red / 045 Green

Wringer bucket - 13LT HACCP bucket

Bucket with capacity up to 13 liters.
Structure with circular base, very stable with wringer device.

Code: 023 Yellow / 041 Blue / 021 Red / 022 Green

Raise Color Garbage - Collect overhead garbage

Vertical, sturdy and space-saving tilting garbage collector.

Code: 006 Yellow / 007 Blue / 004 Red / 005 Green

Color Pro broom - SCOPE HACCP

Indoor broom, in 4 colors

Code: 018 Yellow / 019 Blue / 016 Red / 017 Green

Outdoor Pro broom - Broom

Outdoor broom.

Code: 020