EVO SPONGE HD+ - Heavy duty anti-scratch sponge

Abrasive non-scratch sponge scourer. Easy to rinse, fast gliding. Its surface is like a brush and is very powerful to penetrate the cavities and surface cracks. Powerful with the dirt, delicate with the surface.

Code: A0628

EVO SPONGE FOOD - Anti-scratch food sponge

Main usage: kitchen
2 patents Made In Italy SFERATTIVA®, RETEATTIVA®
Deep dirt removal and very gentle with the surfaces. Suitable for food contact surfaces.
Food colour coded. No particles linting. Easy to be cleaned.
Food contact certified reg. 1935/2004

Code: A0298

EVO SPONGE - Scratch-resistant sponge

Anti-scratch sponge.
Main use: Steel, Teflon, Ceramic, Non-stick pans, Tableware, Worktops.
Two Made in Italy patents SFERATTIVA® and RETEATTIVA®.
Suitable for Food Contact Regulations 1935/2004

Code:A789 Yellow/ A767 Blue/ A780 Red/ A788 Green

ACTIVE SPONGE COLOUR - Microfiber sponge cloth

Microfibre colour coded spongecloth. Ideal for drying and degreasing quickly tables and worktops

Code: A156

TOBACCO PLUS - Abrasive sponge

Sponge with green abrasive fibre.
Very durable and resistant.

Code: A827


PU sponge with green abrasive fibre.
Shaped ergonomic sponge.

Code: A858

ABRASIVE PAD - Green fiber

Green abrasive fibre, ideal for scuff and adhesive hard dirt removals.

Code: A821

TRIS SPONGE - Classic sponge

Classic abrasive sponge.
Very durable and resistant.

Code: A265P


100% biodegradable sponge cloth.

Code: S01 CEP