MICROTEX ECO - Microfiber Ecolabel certificated

The reduced impact is related to the “usage” and the “production process”. Infact the textile microfibre helps reducing water consumptions, chemicals dosage and waste materials compared to classic cellulose based cloths or paper. Furthermore the sourcing and production itself from raw material to finished textile is a result of a controlled production process, with low emissions. MICROTEX ECO is available in 4 colours (colour code).

Code: A3162 Light blue/ A3230 Green/ A3186 Red/ A3193 Yellow

ZEUS - Microfiber treated with polyurethane®

Special textile microfibre with PU treatment. Cleans deeply all surfaces without abrasion. The special textile design give higher descaling power and effectiveness on adhesive dirt.

Code: A598 Yellow / A600 Blue / A599 Red / A601 Green

ACTIVE 360 - Polyactive Fiber®

ISO 14021 certified. Degreases, shines and dries any kind of surfaces. Removes 99% of bacterias. Use slightly wet with or without chemicals. Degreasing, descaling and absorbent effectiveness.

Code: A983 Yellow / A998 Blue / A986 Red / A997 Green

MICRO INOX ACTIVE - Multi-active fiber®

PU microfibre. Removes 99% of bacterias, decontaminates surfaces. Action: limescaling, degreasing, ultra-absorbent. Surfaces: inox, chromed surfaces, ceramics, plastics.

Action: descaling, degreasing and ultra absorbent.

Code: A939 Blue / A972 Gray

MICROTEX DURA+ - Multipurpose Microfiber

SONIC ® new ultrasonic edges cut technology. So you have 100% active microfibre on the surface, more handy and lighter.

Code: A602 Yellow / A603 Blue / A604 Red / A605 Green

MICROTEX MULTI - Multipurpose Microfiber

High quality textile microfibre. Dry for dusting, wet for deep cleaning. High tear and wash resistance. Suitable on any hard surfaces.

Code: A053 Yellow / A823 Blue / A052 Red / A051 Green

MICROTEX FAST - Multipurpose Microfiber

Multipurpose microfibre in lighter version, dry for dusting wet for deep cleaning. Good on all surfaces.

Code: A977 Yellow / A978 Blue / A975 Red / A976 Green

MICROTEX BULK - Multipurpose microfiber

Multipurpose microfibre. Dry for dusting, wet for deep cleaning. Bulk packaging. Suitable on any surfaces.

Code: A787 Yellow / A783 Blue / A785 Red / A786 Green

MICROTEX PROCUREMENT - Multipurpose Microfiber

Textile loop microfibre, ideal for dry dusting and pre-moistened cleaning. Good quality/price ratio.

Code: A151 Yellow / A148 Blue / A149 Red / A150 Green

MICROPLUS ULTRA - Ultramicrofiber

Nonwoven ultra-microfibre cloth. Deep degreasing + polishing power

Code: A091 Yellow / A852 Blue / A092 Red / A093 Green

KITCHEN CLOTH - Ultramicrofiber

Ultra-microfibre cloth ideal as dishes and glasses drier, or as drainboard. Absorbs and degreases quickly

Code: A765

RAPID - Multipurpose Leatherette

Fast gliding resin bonded cloth. Absorbent and resistant. Use wet with detergents. Suitable for all surfaces.

Code: A815 Yellow / A024 Blue / A015 Red / A025 Green

HANDYMAN - Classic multipurpose

Thermobonded nonwoven cloth. Good for drying and dusting

Code: A814