MICROTEX ECO - Microfiber Ecolabel certificated

Responding to hygiene needs, without forgetting the impact of cleaning. The reduced impact affects both the “product in use" and the “production chain". In the first case the microfiber fabric allows you to
reduce water consumption, detergent dosage and waste materials compared to traditional cloths. In the second case, the obtaining of the raw material itself is the result of a controlled production process, with reduced emissions pollutants and consumption of renewable resources.

Code: A3162 Light blue/ A3230 Green/ A3186 Red/ A3193 Yellow

ZEUS - Microfiber treated with polyurethane

It energetically cleans any surface without scratching.
The special textile texture in embossed microfibre combined with polyurethane makes this multipurpose cloth a precious work tool, fabric available in 3 versions: Cloth, Flat-mop, Glass-pad.

Code: 598 Yellow / 600 Blue / 599 Red / 601 Green

ACTIVE 360 - Polyactive Fiber®

ISO 14021 environmental product certification, which certifies the eco-efficiency characteristics of Poliattive® fibers.

Degreases and absorbs any surface: glass, plastic, steel, ceramic. Removes 99% of bacteria.
Use wet and well wrung out, with or without detergents.

Action: descaler, degreaser and absorbent.

Code: 983 Yellow / 998 Blue / 986 Red / 997 Green

MICRO INOX ACTIVE - Multi-active fiber®

Multi-active fiber Special microfiber with polyurethane treatment.
Tests by the University of Naples Federico II certify that Micro Inox ACTIVE removes 99% of bacteria and decontaminates the treated surfaces.

Action: descaling, degreasing and ultra absorbent.

Code: 939 Blue / 972 Gray

MICROTEX HD - High density textile micro fiber

High quality woven micro fiber, high degreasing power, excellent for dusting. High resistance to traction and wear.

Code: 3100 Yellow / 3087 Blue / 3094 Red / 3117 Green

MICROPLUS ULTRA - Ultramicrofiber

Non-woven ultra-microfiber, degreasing action for all surfaces.
Use wet or pre-impregnated.

Code:091 Yellow / 852 Blue / 092 Red / 093 Green

MICROTEX DURA+ - Multipurpose Microfiber

Textile microfiber
Double curly textile microfiber, ultrasound cut.

Code: A602 Yellow / A603 Blue / A604 Red / A605 Green / 3377 Brown

MICROTEX MULTI - Multipurpose Microfiber

High quality woven microfiber, high degreasing power, excellent for dusting. High resistance to traction and washing.

Code: 053 Yellow / 823 Blue / 052 Red / 051 Green

MICROTEX FAST - Multipurpose Microfiber

Dry to remove dust and wet to deep wash.

Code: 977 Yellow / 978 Blue / 975 Red / 976 Green

MICROTEX BULK - Multipurpose microfiber

Dry to remove dust and wet to deep wash.

Code: 787 Yellow / 783 Blue / 785 Red / 786 Green

MICROTEX PROCUREMENT - Multipurpose Microfiber

Curly textile microfiber cloth, ideal for dry dusting and pre-impregnated washing, excellent value for money.

Code: 151 Yellow / 148 Blue / 149 Red / 150 Green

MICROTEX UTILITY - Multipurpose Microfiber

Microfiber cloth suitable for any surface.

Code: 219

MICROTEX ULTRA - Ultra Microfiber

Curly textile ultra-microfiber cloth, degreases and dusts more deeply. Greater degreasing power thanks to the ultramicrofibres (

Code: 188

RAPID - Multipurpose Leatherette

Smooth and very absorbent resin cloth. Use wet with detergent. Moist is soft like deerskin.

Code: 815 Yellow / 024 Blue / 015 Red / 025 Green

HANDYMAN - Classic multipurpose

Super-absorbent “thermo-bonded” cloth.
Use dry for dusting or with detergent.

Code: 814

COMPOST ROLL 100 - 100% cotton cloth

Excellent absorbent power, compostable, usable in the kitchen and in all environments where the cloth is similar to organic dirt with zero infectious risk. Hypoallergenic suitable for food contact.
Hydrophilicity > 1500%

Code: A 179

ULTRA COOKER - Ultramicrofiber

Ultramicrofibre cloth ideal as a drained or non-slip cloth and as a dryer for dishes, dishes and glasses. Deeply degreases, it absorbs liquids quickly and dries just as quickly.

Code: 765

ZAC DUVET - Dust-catching duvet

Dust-catching down jacket in modern ultra-soft fiber, delicate on surfaces and particularly suitable for trapping dirt and dust in its texture.

Code: 291P

ZAC DUVET - Universal spare parts

10 refills for dust catching duvet, ideal for collecting dust and common allergens thanks to the innovative long and soft fibers designed for easy dusting.

Code: 292P