Microtex Mop – Microfiber Textile

Extremely smooth, absorbent and degreasing at the same time. Removes marks and adherent dirt (greasy or thin) from floors of any type (both porous and smooth). Suitable for any pre-impregnated and pre-wash system.
Especially designed for the Q5 SYSTEM SPRAY HANDLE

Microfibre textile mop for all types of floors washing

Handle with integrated 500ml tank.
Can also be used with dry wipes and wet wipes floors.

40cm aluminum frame, with joint lock

Code: A8938

Dimensions: 43×13 cm
80% poliestere / 20% poliammide

Pack 5 pcs. / Carton 5 packs

Weight: 350 gr/pz ± 10%

Absorption: 700% ± 10%