Micromop - Microfiber mop

Microfiber textile mop cleans and degreases in depth, shines and allows quick drying, excellent resistance to washing in the washing machine.

Code: 014 Yellow / 899 Blue / 012 Red / 013 Green

XXL Mop - Microfiber mop

Ideal for large surfaces. Universal screw connection.

Greater cleaning surface, greater resistance and excellent degreasing power.

Code: 6811

Grey Mop Pro - Microfiber mop

Deep cleans, polishes and allows quick drying, excellent resistance to machine washing. Universal clamp attachment. Useful for large surfaces.

Code: A260

Micromop Pro - Microfiber mop

Textile microfiber mop, version for universal pliers attachment.

Useful for large surfaces.

Code: A929

Zeus Flat Mop - Polycarbonate mop

Extremely smooth, absorbent and degreasing at the same time.
Removes marks and sticky dirt (greasy or thin) from floors any type (both porous and smooth). Suitable for any pre-impregnation and pre-wash system. Especially designed for the QS SYSTEM SPRAY HANDLE

Code: 613

MicroTex Floor - Textile microfiber

Dry for dusting, wet for cleaning, high power degreaser. Dust and dry polish, wash deeply.

Code: 991

MicroTex Floor Dura - Textile microfiber

New processing technology with ultrasonic cutting. The edge cut with the “sonic" system, as well as making the cloth lighter and easier to handle, is more resistant to wear and washing than the classic stitched edge.

Code: A335 Yellow/ A327 Blue/ A328 Red / A334 Green / A336 Brown

MicroTex Floor Bulk - Textile microfiber

Usable both dry for dusting than slightly damp to clean thoroughly.

Code: 782

Dust Evo - Scented antistatic cloth

Dust catching cloth for floors, perfumed and impregnated with mineral oil. Removes dust and particulates very effectively thanks to the embossed texture.

Code: 6736

Dust - Antistatic cloth

Tissues impregnated with mineral oil for dry dusting with antistatic effect, suitable for any type of floor.

code 795 / code 639
code 796 / code 640
code 797 / code 652
code 798 / code 653

Dust Revo - Adhesive dust capture

The ADHESIVE cloth for the dry collection of dust and heavy particles.

code 3131
code 3155

Mop Viscosa - Twisted viscose mop 200 gr

Spunlace viscose with “twist” for greater resistance and practicality.

Code: 807

Mop 260 Viscosa - Twisted viscose mop 260 gr

Band version for universal gripper, in 4 colors.

Spunlace viscose with twisting.

Code: 808 Yellow / 960 Blue / 959 Red / 961 Green

Super Sud - Floor cloth

Super-absorbent “thermo-bonded” nonwoven cloth.
Use wet with detergents or wax washers.

Code: 183 Yellow / 060 Blue / 059 Orange

Suede cloth - Floor cloth

Resin cloth, dries and leaves no streaks. Excellent resistance to abrasion

Code: 803

Fill - Floor cloth

Use wet with detergent

Code: 992

Soft cloth - Floor cloth

Cotton and viscose cloth with reinforced seams.
High resistance, use with water and detergent

Code: 802

Cotton Cloth Italy - Floor Cloth

Honeycomb woven cotton cloth. Ideal for outdoor drying.

Code: A999

PVA - Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather for self-drying very absorbent and sliding.

Code: 326

Cotton Mop Screw - Vine cotton mop

100% cotton warp in 34-ply threads, Italian threaded screw bushing.
Available in different weights, from 200 and 280 gr.
Resistant and washable.

Code 171
Code 172