Over the years, our company has acquired certifications and patents with a view to researching and improving our products.

ISO 14021 environmental certification real benefits

Thanks to the powerful mechanics of the polyactive fiber, we reduce the use of chemicals, obtaining a real benefit for the environment and health.
Furthermore, real economic savings are obtained.


The release of the SUITABLE – GPP mark for our products is based on a product assessment aimed at assessing compliance with the requirements of the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment of May 24, 2012 relating to the “Minimum Environmental Criteria” for awarding the Service for cleaning and supplying hygiene products.

Carbon Foot Print production attentive to CO2 emissions

Our most important products have the Carbon Foot Print certification, which allows accurate control of climate-altering gas emissions that are generated during the life cycle of the products in its entirety: from raw materials to disposal.

Food Contact

We are the only company to have an abrasive sponge certified for food contact.
Sferattiva/Evosponge in compliance with EC regulation number 1935/2014

Nordic Swan EcoLabel

Our most important products have the Nordic Swan EcoLabel certification. The production of our products in fact involves a reduced impact on the environment.