About us

Eudorex is considered an emerging company with a strong innovative connotation.

For years we have been dealing with solving problems related to hygiene in large and small communities, aiming to ensure proper sanitation of the environments in compliance with current health regulations. The quality of the products and the professionalism of the human resources employed make the company a leader in the sector.

We have been dealing with microfibres for over 15 years, the know-how acquired allows us to offer a high depth of range, aimed at solving all the needs of the operators in the sector. Thanks to our specialization we have become the reference point in Italy for this microfiber category, in all its variants, from cloth to mop. We have over 200 products, about 60% of which are made in our Acerra factory.


Our mission is to develop innovative products, complementary to the detergent, with the aim of improving the cleaning result in terms of quality, efficiency / savings and environmental impact.
In particular, we are focused on the category of microfibres and abrasive cleaning sponges. Since 2014 we have been manufacturers of abrasive sponges made with a special internationally patented technology.


Eudorex operates in the domestic and professional cleaning sector with two different product lines and two different sales networks. In both markets it works with its own brands Eudorex and Pannopell for the consumer market and Eudorex Pro for the professional market.


Distribution takes place through about 500 customers, specialized wholesalers in the professional sector.


Eudorex operates in its own factory located in the industrial area of Acerra, an area logistically well served, connected to the A1 motorway junction.

The industrial warehouse was built on a total area of 8,000 square meters for a total of 4,000 square meters dedicated to offices, production and storage of raw materials and finished products.








Factory square meters