About us

For over 20 years, our commitment has aimed to constant research and innovation in the Cleaning field.

We are considered amongst european leaders in the production of wet wipes and a reference point in the microfibres world.

Present in 4 different markets, with our brands and private labels, we have become synonymous with cleanliness in all areas:

  • Professional cleaning – EudorexPro
  • Home cleaning – Pannopell
  • Personal Care – Soft
  • Pet Care – Loveli

This market capillarity pushed us to develop extensive know-how in various production technologies that allowed us to have a wide range of products:

  • Wet wipes
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Floor mop
  • Abrasive sponges

Our company is based in Acerra (Na), where it houses the offices, the raw materials warehouse and one of the two production plants. The other plant, recently acquired, is located in a strategic point for the sector, in Scarperia (Fi).

Our mission has always been to develop innovative products to improve the cleaning result in terms of quality, efficiency / savings and environmental impact.

Production capacity

The constant investments in modern and efficient production lines, the active synergies and the technical differentiation between the two plants, allow us, in the wet wipes category, to produce over 250,000 packs per day and about 65 million per year. Another strong point lies in the free production capacity which allows us to increase production of some 150.000 packs per day.


We have always focused on innovation, dedicating ourselves to constant Research and Development also through our internal Cosmetics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories.

Certifications and Patents

The careful control procedures guarantee an excellent level of quality of our products, many of them have had important international certifications and recognition of compliance with EU standards.

Attention to the environment

Our production plants is 100% solar powered through a photovoltaic system of 242 polycrystalline modules: a conscious choice!
Most or our products are environmental friendly. GPP, CARBON FOOTPRINT, NORDIC ECOLABEL certified.

International patents

Innovative systems built on our project to create unique products appreciated all over the world.

Carbon Foot Print Production attentive to CO² emissions

Our most important products have the Carbon Foot Print certification, which allows an accurate control of climate-altering gas emissions that are generated during the life cycle of the products in its entirety: from raw materials to disposal.

Solar panels for ecological production

The entire energy requirement of Eudorex is provided by a photovoltaic system of 242 polycrystalline modules, which allow the annual reduction of emissions equal to 49,000 kg of CO² and 455 kg of SO².