A young and motivated team.

Eudorex was born in 2000, most of the current employees at the time were very young, in many cases at their first job. Today after 15 years, the group is united and motivated, with great satisfaction and pride for everyone.

International patents

Innovative systems built on our project to create unique products appreciated all over the world.

Carbon Foot Print Production attentive to CO² emissions

Our most important products have the Carbon Foot Print certification, which allows an accurate control of climate-altering gas emissions that are generated during the life cycle of the products in its entirety: from raw materials to disposal.

Solar panels for ecological production

The entire energy requirement of Eudorex is provided by a photovoltaic system of 242 polycrystalline modules, which allow the annual reduction of emissions equal to 49,000 kg of CO² and 455 kg of SO².