Over the years our company has acquired certifications and patents for the improvement of our products .

ISO 14021 environment certification and real benefit

Thanks to the powerful mechanical poliattiva fiber , we reduced the use of chemicals , getting a real benefit to the environment and to health. You also get a direct economic saving .



The release of the IDONEO GPP brand for our products is based on a product assessment that certifies the compliance with the requirements of the Decree of the Ministry of 24 May 2012 concerning the  “Minimum Environmental Criteria ” for cleaning products and services.



Our “fibre poliattive” wipes have antibacterial certification. They mechanically remove 99% of bacterias from the surfaces.


Carbon Foot Print
accurate control of the CO2 emissions

Our best products owned the Carbon Foot Print certification, wich allows an accurate control of the climate-changing gas emissions that are generated during the life cycle of products in its entirety : from raw materials to disposal.


Food Contact

We are the only factory that have an abrasive sponge with Food Contact Certification (FCC):

Evo Sponge respect CE regulation number 1935/2014.